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The United States armed forces have a lead on a suspected terrorist in the Middle East, but as the man is a recluse, getting a positive ID proves difficult, and the DoD's computer system recommends that the mission be aborted. The Secretary of Defense agrees with the abort recommendation, but the President orders the mission be carried out anyway. This turns into a political backlash when all of the victims turn out to be civilians, and retaliatory suicide bombings target US citizens in response.

It consist of two strangers thrust together by a mysterious telephone call, and their frantic efforts to discover why they have inexplicably become the nation's most wanted fugitives. Jerry Shaw (LaBeouf) and Rachel Holloman (Monaghan) were complete strangers at the beginning of the day, but that changed the instant a strange woman called to threaten both their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Suddenly forced into a series of increasingly dangerous situations, Jerry and Rachel must now take orders from a woman who's using everyday technology to track and control their every move. As the situation intensifies and the hapless duo are deemed the country's most wanted fugitives, they must work together in order to discover who it was that turned their lives upside down, and what they can do to thwart the criminal mastermind's cunning yet diabolical plan.
In light of the mistake made by the President at the beginning of the film, Ariia has decided that the executive branch is a threat to the public good and must be eliminated. Ariia plans to destroy the President's cabinet, and calls this Operation Guillotine. She has decided to leave the Secretary of Defense, who had agreed with its recommendation to abort the mission, as the successor to the presidency. Ariia does not reveal this to Jerry or Rachel, merely explaining that she is trying to help the people of the United States.


- Shia LaBeouf as Jerry Shaw (the main protagonist of the film), and as his late twin brother Ethan Shaw
- Michelle Monaghan as Rachel Holloman
- Billy Bob Thornton as Thomas Morgan, FBI
- Rosario Dawson as Zoe Perez, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Agent
- Michael Chiklis as George Callister, the US Secretary of Defense
- Ethan Embry as Toby Grant, FBI
- Anthony Mackie as Major William Bowman
- Cameron Boyce as Sam Holloman, Rachel's son
- Julianne Moore as the voice of the super computer Ariia
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How was the moon created.

Once upon a time, where there was guy going home taking food and other stuff in his carriage, everything was normal, birds singing and the sun shining, but something changed and that beautiful sun waked up and started to burn everything, it damaged the carriage and made the guy hit his head and faint in there, and so everything was in fire, it was a forestal fire, everything was being burn and the dog partnering the man started to bark and the sound made a sea dragon to wake up. The sea dragon was furious with was the sun was doing to the environment, so the sun and the sea dragon began a fight, but the dragon won by cooling the sun and bit a half of it so it turned the moon. Then the guy waked up and thanked the sea dragon for his help and everything else was fine from now on.
_A Fiction Heroe

Gears of War
Marcus Fenix
Long before the Pendulum Wars, the Coalition of Ordered Governments existed only as an obscure world-government philosophy, created by socialist politician Alexiy Desipich and based on eight guiding principle values: Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humanity. During the 79-year long Pendulum Wars, the COG grew into a legitimate, though minor, political party. The Pendulum Wars began soon after the discovery of Imulsion, a substance exploited for its energy applications. Nations with little Imulsion available waged war with those that had a surplus of it. The wars abruptly ended with "Emergence Day," when the Locust Horde began their attack. COG leaders were the only ones who took the steps needed to help humanity to survive, instituting martial law and taking charge of the effort against the Locust. Fourteen years later, the COG is the only form of government left on Sera, the world where Gears of War takes place.

Marcus Fenix is the main protagonist of the series. He is first introduced as an inmate, serving a prison sentence for abandoning his military post in order to make a vain attempt to save his father, Adam Fenix. Fenix is noted for having a famed military career, during which he played a notable part in the Pendulum Wars. Despite this, Fenix is left for dead in a dilapidated penitentiary, until Dominic "Dom" Santiago, his friend and former comrade, saves him in the first act of Gears of War. After being freed from prison, Fenix is immediately reinstated into the military and is assigned to serve with Delta Squad. He is later promoted to sergeant and becomes the squad leader of Delta shortly after their previous squad commander, Lieutenant Kim, is killed by General RAAM. Fenix leads his comrades across the ruins of Sera, in an attempt to activate the Lightmass Bomb against the Locust.
_A Heroe in the Present

Know in the modern days there are not only a few intelligent people, there are a lot so how can we say only one Scientitst is the best of these times, it just cant be said. But for me now a days the best discoveries that are happening are in the Medical Field and thats great, how many years will we be able to live in the 25th Century wirh the recent discoveries?? And other Great thing is the Large Hadron Collider with the one Scientist are trying to recreate black holes a know if the theorically Higgs Particle exist really or not and so how Black Energy works. Things that will really help people in the near future to have better lifes.
_My Heroes
The Heroes for me are the people who really help humanity not the ones that gives freedom to one nation, because what is really freedom?? arent we slaves yet with our jobs. Jobs are the best slavery ever made, Why?? well its easy You dont have to feed your employees neither give them a home, you just pay them a misery to them for survival and they just cant say not because the die without a job. Economics and Politics are something Strange, they are just there to fuck us!! We dont need them even a little all burocracy and stupid things when only a 1% population have 76% money of the world and people all the world are just dying beacuse of hungry and easily preventable diseases. We just know that SOMETHING IS WRONG!!
So because of that my really heroes i consider are my parents and Scientists.

A Heroe From Past
James Clerk Maxwell- The Precursor of Electronics

He was a Scottish theoretical physicist and mathematician. His most significant achievement was the development of the classical electromagnetic theory, synthesizing all previous unrelated observations, experiments and equations of electricity, magnetism and even optics into a consistent theory. His set of equations—Maxwell's equations—demonstrated that electricity, magnetism and even light are all manifestations of the same phenomenon: the electromagnetic field. From that moment on, all other classical laws or equations of these disciplines became simplified cases of Maxwell's equations. Maxwell's work in electromagnetism has been called the "second great unification in physics", after the first one carried out by Isaac Newton.

Maxwell demonstrated that electric and magnetic fields travel through space in the form of waves, and at the constant speed of light. Finally, in 1864 Maxwell wrote "A dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field", where he first proposed that light was in fact undulations in the same medium that is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena. His work in producing a unified model of electromagnetism is considered to be one of the greatest advances in physics.

Maxwell also developed the Maxwell distribution, a statistical means to describe aspects of the kinetic theory of gases. These two discoveries helped usher in the era of modern physics, laying the foundation for future work in such fields as special relativity and quantum mechanics.

Maxwell is also known for creating the first true colour photograph in 1861 and for his foundational work on the rigidity of rod-and-joint frameworks like those in many bridges.

Maxwell is considered by many physicists to be the nineteenth century scientist with the greatest influence on twentieth century physics. His contributions to the science are considered by many to be of the same magnitude as those of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.[4] In the end of millennium poll, a survey of the 100 most prominent physicists saw Maxwell voted the third greatest physicist of all time, behind only Newton and Einstein. On the centennial of Maxwell's birthday, Einstein himself described Maxwell's work as the "most profound and the most fruitful that physics has experienced since the time of Newton." Einstein kept a photograph of Maxwell on his study wall, alongside pictures of Michael Faraday and Newton.